Slip Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip Trip and Fall Accidents

Premise liability describes an action where someone is injured in a place where another person or business controls the maintenance of that place and that maintenance is neglected. These often come in the form of slip or trip and falls. These are just a few of the Premise Liability cases we’ve handled:

• Our client was a woman from Queens in her mid-50’s who several health issues before her accident. She slipped and fell outside of her apartment building because the parking lot was covered with snow, ice, and potholes.

Her fall aggravated her prior existing conditions, leading to knee replacement and neck, back, and shoulder injuries. The defendant refused to offer our client enough money to compensate her for her injuries, and we continued to fight for everything she deserved. We settled the case before trial for $550,000.

• We represented a nanny who suffered a displaced fracture of her finger and required surgery after she fell down the steps at her employer’s home. We agreed to mediation, and resolved the case on her behalf for $325,000 after successfully arguing that the stairs were defective in violation of New York building code.

• Our client was a teenager who was badly burned while taking a shower at the family’s home. We resolved the case for $175,000 after successfully arguing that the water temperature had been set at an unsafe level.

• We represented a woman in her mid-70’s who slipped and broke her leg outside her physician’s office. We resolved the case for $175,000 after successfully arguing that the office failed to warn patients about a slippery condition caused by excessive use of cleaning products.         

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