Dangerous Drugs

Dangerous Drugs

The pharmaceutical industry as well as companies that manufacture over the counter vitamins, herbs and home remedies is continuously putting new products on the market. Unfortunately, some of these products have dangerous life threatening side effects. When an injury to body and/or mind is caused by an over the counter or prescription drug purchased or utilized by consumers in the marketplace, the companies that manufacture and/or sell the products can be held responsible (liable) for the resulting injuries.

This is a Product Liability.  Product liability actions include any injury that occurs as the result of a product’s malfunction, including medication.  These are just a few of the product liability and defective medication cases we’ve handled:

• Our client was a young home healthcare aide in her early 30’s who suffered substantial liver damage after ingesting an over-the-counter weight loss medication. We obtained a favorable settlement for our client, the amount of which is subject to a confidentiality agreement.

• We represented another woman in her 30’s who suffered a back injury after her chair spontaneously collapsed. We successfully pursued our client’s claim against the chair’s Italian manufacturer and ultimately obtained a favorable settlement for our client that is subject to a confidentially agreement.

• Our client was a 31-year-old man from Westchester who suffered a significant ankle injury when his jet ski malfunctioned. The defendants aggressively disputed liability by claiming that the plaintiff was at fault, before they yielded and agreed to our settlement demand.      

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