Car and Motor Cycle Accidents

Car and Motor Cycle Accidents

  Motor vehicle accidents include any injuries from a car, motorcycle, or truck, whether your injuries were sustained when you were a driver, passenger, or pedestrian. These are just a few of the motor vehicle accident cases we’ve handled:

• Our client was a 25-year-old woman from Brooklyn who suffered multiple injuries when she was struck by a vehicle on the Henry Hudson Parkway. She had been a passenger in her friend’s Volkswagen until the two began to argue and her friend pulled over to the shoulder and ordered her out of the car.

Our client made it from the car to the island between the north and southbound lanes, but was struck when she attempted to cross again to get help from a police officer. We obtained a $250,000 settlement for our client.     

• We represented a young man who suffered a torn knee after being struck by a motor vehicle while making a delivery of food. We successfully argued that the defendant caused the accident by failing to stop at a stop sign, and settled after achieving a verdict on liability for the entirety of his policy.

• Our client was a woman in her 50’s riding in an ambulette that stopped short, causing her to fracture her neck. We successfully argued that the ambulette service failed to properly restrain her wheelchair, and obtained a settlement in the maximum amount of the company’s insurance policy. 

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