Bus Accident Injuries

Bus Accident Injuries

Bus accidents are becoming more and more common. If you are a passenger on a bus that is in an accident and you suffer an injury, it is important that you notify the police or medical personnel that you were injured. In today’s world where most of us have camera phones readily available, it would be a good idea to take photographs.

If you suffered an injury, you should contact us immediately. We have investigators readily available to visit the accident scene, take statements and photographs. We will make sure that all insurance forms are properly completed and timely submitted to the insurance companies. We will oversee the payment of all medical bills and lost wages. We will provide the insurance company with the information they need to properly evaluate your claim. We will make sure that you receive an appropriate financial recovery for your pain and suffering. The amount of your recovery, will depend on among other things, the extent of your injuries and the limits of the insurance policy that insures the drivers that caused the accident. We fight every day for our clients to insure that you get a just financial recovery.

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