Bar and Restaurant Accidents

Bar and Restaurant Accidents

It is unfortunate but not uncommon for bars and nightclubs to serve too much alcohol to patrons, who in turn cause injury to other patrons. Neither is it uncommon for their security staff to get overzealous in its use of force. These are just a few of the bar & nightclub assault cases we’ve handled:  

• Our client was a 33-year-old woman from the Bronx who suffered a fractured kneecap requiring surgical intervention when an untrained night club bouncer pushed her to the ground in his haste to address an unrelated disagreement between two other patrons.

The defendant refused to make a realistic settlement offer, and we stood our ground and prepared to go to trial. With trial on the horizon, the defendant ultimately surrendered and we obtained a settlement of $393,500 for our client during a court settlement conference.   

• We represented a 31-year- old taxi driver from Queens who suffered a fractured orbital bone when he was struck by a security guard at a nightclub. We obtained a settlement of $80,000 after a lengthy litigation.

• Our client was a bowling alley manager from Queens who was assaulted outside a nightclub by an intoxicated patron and had his nose broken. We obtained a favorable settlement on his behalf.


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